Story of the Week – by London Erotic Massage

The plan was to go over to his place when she wasn’t there, pick up my stuff, and leave. I had already changed my phone number, and also changed my address, and his roommate had assured me that he was not home, so I hopped into my car, and drove down to the apartment we had once shared, to pick up my stuff before my final exit from his life.

Good riddance, I thought while driving. He was becoming a bit too much for me to handle.

I opened the door with the spare keys that the roommate had supplied me with. I entered the room, and quickly picked up my iPod and the few other things I had left behind. Suddenly, I heard the door slam behind me.

I whirled around, and saw him, standing in front of the closed door, blocking my exit.
I gulped. He did not look happy.

“You thought you would pick up all your stuff, and just go?

…You didn’t even leave me a note before you left! Did you know how upset I was?

I was running around, looking for you in hospitals and emergency rooms, thinking you were dead….

And then you sent me one text, telling me it’s over….. Do you know, how much that hurt?….”

He spat out the accusations slowly, his eyes burning into me.

I knew I was wrong, but I had to go….

I had fallen for him, and the fact terrified me, so I had walked away as fast as I could, because that was the only way I knew.

He walked towards me. I shifted my weight from one foot to another, looking down at the ground like a recalcitrant child.

He held my chin firmly, and pulled my face up to his…

“I was traumatized. You will pay for it.” He said the last words against my lips, and I was lost again.

I did not know how my clothes seemed to melt, and so did his. The next I knew, we were on his bed, and he was on top of me. He kissed my mouth, running his hands all over my body, as if, trying to memorize me with his fingers. I kissed him back, holding his head steady to kiss him better.

He slowly pulled my legs apart, and kissed his way down there.

He kissed my navel and I squirmed. He went lower, his rough days’ growth tickling my nether regions. I squirmed and cursed him while he kissed me down there, using his lips and tongue to draw out the pleasure, and then put his fingers into good use.

Within a few minutes, I was begging and whimpering, and about to come. I knew I was close, but then he stopped what he was doing totally, and kissed his way up to my mouth, tangling his tongue with mine as if he owned it. Which he probably did.

His erection was pressed against my belly, and I shifted, something inside me burning up. He laughed as he felt me get impatient, and slowly, holding his stiff member in one hand, pushed it inside me.

I wailed in pleasure.

He wasn’t gentle. It did not make sense. We had lost the sense of being gentle and nice. Here we were a pair of pleasure seekers, our bodies clashing together in the throes of the eternal game of life. I came in a rush, drenching him, and he followed, his body pounding, and then suddenly stiffening up, his mouth crushing mine.

We stared at the ceiling afterward. He didn’t look at me. I didn’t look at him. But his hand kept a firm hold on mine.

I knew I was trapped. This time by my own desires.

And my simple plan, of running away, bit the dust.

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