Story of the Week

exactly where to touch, and ease out the kinks. But, at her age, she had a horrible problem – forgetfulness. Sonya suspected part of it was deliberate, but she kept shut because Myra was good.

The bell rang.

Thank God she’s here, Sonya thought as she walked to the door.

But when she opened the door, a young girl of perhaps 25 stood in place of the stately figure of Myra. She had long, black hair, and a mouth to die for. Sonya took it in for a second, but before she could say anything, the stranger smiled at her and identified herself as Myra’s daughter.

“My name is Marissa. I will be your masseuse today. Mum’s off sick,” She explained. Briefly, Sonya thought of asking her for ID, but the girl looked so gorgeous, that she decided to let her give her a massage.

“So, what massages do you know, Marissa?”

“Let’s see. I know Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, and Tantric massage.”

Tantric massage? Sonya lifted her eyebrows mentally. Interesting.

“And what would you recommend for me?”

“Hmm… I don’t know. Mum says you get Swedish done from her. But you look like you need something… more.”

The last word did not miss Sonya’s attention. She looked straight into Marissa’s eyes, and smiled.

“I’m all yours Marissa. Do what you please. Now, we should retire to a place where I can get more comfortable.”

Marissa followed Sonya down to her bedroom, where a couple of towels was lain on the bedside table. Marissa spread one on the bed, and asked Sonya to lie down on it. Casually, Sonya opened the robe she was wearing and shrugged it off. She was thirty, but her naturally slim body, with high breasts and a narrow waist, and short golden hair, made her look a decade younger. Marissa stared at her as she climbed onto the bed, and lay down.

Sonya closed her eyes. She could feel Marissa’s eyes on her body, and then she heard the rustling of clothes. Then, she felt Marissa climb on the bed, and then, suddenly, climb on top of her, straddling her, with her legs on both sides of her buttock. A thin pool of warm oil trickled between her shoulder blade, and then, a pair of delicate hands started to massage her back. Sonya could feel that Marissa wasn’t wearing anything but her bra and panties.

Soon, Marissa stopped using her hands. Sonya felt Marissa’s warm weight settle on her back, and her nude breasts rub against her back lightly. Then, her hands went under Sonya’s body, and started to touch her nipples. Sonya moaned softly as she felt Marissa’s lips on her back, and her fingers lightly teasing her nipples. Her moans became harder, as Marissa’s hands drifted lower,down to her shaved mound, and a finger touched her clitoris.

Marissa licked her neck as her finger first rubbed Sonya’s clitoris, and then pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. Sonya arched her hips and moved against her hand. Marissa pinched and rubbed harder, and her mouth licked and sucked on Sonya’s neck. Suddenly, Sonya moved her head sharply, and caught Marissa’s mouth with hers, and Marissa gave Sonya’s clit a hard rub.

Sonya came all over Marissa’s fingers, while their lips devoured each other. Her body quivered and thrashed on the bed, as Marissa’s legs clamped around her, rubbing her mound hard against her buttocks.

Afterwards, Sonya lay panting.

“So, how did you like your Tantric Massage?” Marissa asked with a grin.

“Let’s do it again,” Sonya said with a matching smile.