Terms and Conditions at UK Massage Network Website

Please read this carefully before accepting them

      1. Subscription Time Period – There is no minimum or maximum time period of subscription. After signing up, your account will be present on the web site until and unless it is removed by the management of http://www.ukmassagenetwork.com/. At any point of time, you can remove or delete your profile from the website, and then it shall cease to be a part of the listing.
      2. Information – The data added to the UK massage network directory is provided by the profile owner, and its accuracy is solely at the owner’s discretion. However, it should be noted that the information provided should be correct, to the best of the profile owner’s knowledge. If the profile information is incorrect, and it somehow causes offence at any point will lead to immediate suspension and/or cancellation of that particular profile. However, prior to commencing such an action, the profile owner will be duly notified, and a brief period of time will be provided to make amendments, and/or prepare a line of defence for the actions.
      3. Maintenance of Privacy – http://www.ukmassagenetwork.com/ will not, at any cost, share the information provided by you with a third party. But, by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree that the information which are deemed for ‘display’ will be made available to the users of the UK massage network, and customers can contact you at your preferable choice of communication. Also, part of the information provided shall be used for improving the search functionality of the website. The information subject to usage includes the following: display name, address, contact details, website, phone number, photos, therapies provided, and the description provided by you about yourself. Note: the website will NEVER provide your postcode and/or date of birth to the clients, although your age shall be calculated according to the date of birth provided by you during sign up. This is done solely to prevent fraudulent actions.
      4. Profile Content – At no point of time will UK Massage Network Directory condone sexually explicit content. If a member is found submitting such content, his/her profile shall be suspended immediately, and the profile will be immediately taken down from the site. This is in accordance with the purpose of the website, which is to help clients who are interested in getting a massage reach out to massage therapists across the UK. At no point should http://www.ukmassagenetwork.com/ be used for any other purpose but this.

By clicking on ‘I Agree’ on the registration and / or after registration, you declare that you have read, understood, and agreed with all the terms and conditions provided above.