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Miss Eve Peaks Tantric Massage – Member of  British Tantra Network

Hello! I am Eve Peaks a professional British tantric massage expert. I am also a qualified health professional with numerous diplomas and certificates. I have run my own private practice in The City of London for over 7 years.

Tantric massage is sensual, safe, erotic massage combined with sophisticated relaxation techniques. Tantric massage is respectful, pleasurable and guilt-free.
Tantra massage is a collection of ancient relaxation techniques originating from the East. I use sensual tantric massage as a tool to sooth and calm clients.

Most tantrics customise and add their own personal twists to it so no tantric massage is necessarily the same formula. Whatever the technique the intention is to provide the client with the deepest relaxation.

Eve’s Sports Massage (Non-sensual)

  • It may surprise you that I treat many athletes-cyclists, runners, rugby players who require non-sensual sports massage.
  • Aches and pains need to be treated fairly quickly to speed up the healing process.
  • If left to themselves injuries can get ‘stuck’ and recovery takes longer.
  • A sports massage gets healing blood and oxygen flowing to the damaged areas more efficiently.

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