Did you know that by doing a sensual massage on certain parts of one’s body, you can actually make him feel absolutely aroused and interested in you within minutes? There are certain parts of the body, which, if touched, will definitely spark a sexual plug like never before. The best part is, these touches are not obvious, and can be given while conducting a sensual massage easily, without being too overt about the matter.

Sensual Massage Touch

Sensual Massage Touch

1. The Ears

The ears – Did you know, ears are erogenous zone for many men? Some men love it when their ears are being pulled and touched. Nibble on them, or just pull gently with your fingers to make him feel more alert.

2. The Face

The face – The face contains many erogenous zones, especially the temples and forehead. By touching them at the right moments, you can trigger off his arousal easily, and quite effortlessly. How about giving him a sensual head massage to make him feel all hot and bothered?

3. The lower back portion of the spine

The lower back portion of the spine – The spine, especially where it ends, is a great place, because there are many nerve endings just begging to be touched. This area also is often stressed out, so, when giving him a massage, use your palm to bear down on the edges of it, to relax the nerve endings, tease them and ensuring that he is absolutely aware of what you are up to.

4. The hollow of his throat

The hollow of his throat – The existence of the thyroid gland is what makes him feel extremely sensitive when you touch him there. You can lightly touch the area to make him feel things.

5. The navel and the part right under it

The navel and the part right under it – This is quite easy to work with – simply using a finger to rim his navel and draw it down suggestively might be a great way to get him interested in much more than a simple sensual massage.

6. Right behind the knees

Right behind the knees – This is something very few know about, but, if worked on properly, can trigger arousal easily. The skin behind the knees is extremely sensual, and by maneuvering them properly, you can easily make him feel good.

7. The palms of his hands

The palms of his hands – The palms are quite sensitive, especially the finger tips. By applying the right amount of pressure, you can actually make him feel aroused quite easily.

8. The soles of his feet

The soles of his feet – This part is rather tricky, because he might be ticklish. Start by using a finger, and run it down the length of the sole. Ask before using your fingers to massage the balls of his feet, and slowly make longer strokes down.

There are many other spots which you can manipulate to make him feel aroused. While giving a sensual massage, you should use your body to make him feel more energized. Use your fingers, mouth and other parts of your body to bring his body to full attention and be playful and gentle. That way, you would be able to see his reaction, and understand what he likes or dislikes.

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