While giving a sensual erotic Tantric massage, you might have missed out on the best because you just did not know that there are some places on your body which are erogenous zones, and if you massage them, they can bring you a lot of pleasure. In ancient India, this form of massage to give pleasure was quite common. You can now see the many positions of pleasure that were depicted on the walls of the Khajuraho Temple, and if you give someone an erotic time with a sensual Khajuraho massage, then nothing like it.

So, here are a few spots which you might have missed out on while giving someone an erotic tantric massage.

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Sensual & Erotic Temple - Khajuraho -  Ancient Tantric Massage
Sensual & Erotic Tantric Temple – Khajuraho

Ancient tantric massage and erogenous zones

  1. The Back of the Neck – Did you know, the back of an individual’s neck contains a huge number of nerve endings and by pressing on them, or caressing them, you can actually trigger some serious reaction? Neck stimulation can raise the flow of blood, and increase the person’s stimulation considerably. Top tip: use your fingers to press down on the muscles on the shoulders, then use your mouth to caress the back of the neck. It is an erogenous zone, and a lot of reaction is guaranteed.
  2. The Palms of the Hand – In our daily life, the palms of our hands are majorly ignored, and we often forget the amount of stress they go through. When massaged, palms can become a major erogenous zone, and you would love the sensations when the palms are expertly rubbed, especially with some oil which can calm and relax the body.
  3. The Backs of the Knee – This is a majorly sensitive place for many, and you can use that to your advantage. Ask the recipient to lie on his/her stomach. Then, use both your hands and mouth to gently knead that area, and slowly rub out the kinks. The knees support you, and using the fingers and mouth to play with the area is a great idea.
  4. The Belly Button – Okay, this is quite playful for many, but, when applied the right amount of pressure, and teased a bit, you can watch the massage recipient squirm and moan from pleasure. While doing a sensual Tantric massage, ask the recipient to lie on his/her back, and then you can start from the chest region, and go slowly down to the belly button. Reaction is guaranteed.
  5. The Inner Thighs – whether the recipient is male or female, inner thigh massage can turn him/her on like anything, so while giving him/her a sensual Khajuraho massage, it is a good idea to start by being gentle, and rub gently. If the recipient likes it, then progress slowly, and really put in a bit of pressure. Don’t worry, the inner thighs can handle the extra pressure.

These are some of the top spots which you did not know were erogenous zones. While giving him/her an erotic tantric massage, you can keep an eye out for these spots, and the results may surprise you![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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