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Although the site is constantly updated with the latest updates and information, taken from the users, but there is no guarantee that these information are 100% accurate. In case there is some doubt about a particular advertiser, or there is anything that seems suspicious about the profile, please immediately contact the helpdesk with the information you have, and the profile will be inspected duly.

The appointments and assignments made through the websites are between the customer and the advertiser, and the site is not responsible for the non-fulfillment of an appointment. It is the responsibility of the customer and massage therapists to fix the appointment and get the required therapy.

For the therapeutic sessions, it is advised to be on the safe side, and let a friend or family member know about your activities (like the therapist or client, and his/her number) while going for an appointment with an advertiser from this website, purely for your own protection. Ensure that you meet up at a location which is comfortable to you and the other party, and proceed from there.

The directory is meant only for listing different kinds of massages, and only that, and is not responsible if anything more happens between the massage therapist and the recipient. All such act will be considered to be consensual acts between two adults, and the directory will not be held responsible at any circumstances.

This website is not responsible for any issue that might occur between the client and the massage therapist during or after the session. It is a directory where adverts are placed, and if the ads are misleading, then, beyond inspecting them, or taking them down, this site is not able to do much more.