History of Massage

History of Massage

Dating back to 2700 BC, massage is an ancient practice which originated in the East as a form of medicinal treatment. This then sparked a revolution whereby numerous massage styles were developed to restore the body’s balance for good health. The word massage is thought to derive from the Greek “Massein” which means “to knead” while the Arabic word “Mash” means to “press softly”.

Many famous practitioners preached the benefits of massage and was welcomed by the West during the Greek Empire, where Hippocrates referred to it as “rubbing” to loosen the muscles, and it became standard practice in public baths. Techniques then evolved into the first form of sports massage by Galen who used it to treat physical injuries and believed it to be an essential element to maintaining good health.

Following from a decline in massage, the 17th century saw an upsurge as it was established in medical schools where the physical advantages were observed and documented. The most famous type of massage, Swedish massage, was then developed in the 19th century by Henrik Ling who incorporated techniques from Swedish gymnastics. Ling’s dedication led to one of his students opening a massage clinic and another student bringing massage therapy to Britain in 1840 which was then introduced to the U.S thirteen years later. In the 20th century, massage was used to treat World War 1 patients suffering from shell shock and nerve injury.

Massage was however, inaccessible to most, with it being associated with the wealthy and the sex trade. It was only until the later 20th century when interest in natural healing arose that it became an established form of therapy used by many.

Now, there are 250 types of massage which are used not only for medicinal treatment but also more widely as beauty and sports therapy

10 Reasons to Get a Reflexology Massage in London

You might not know this, but reflexology massage in London is now a very popular thing, and plenty of people get them for their multiple benefits. According to some experts, there are numerous benefits of this sort of massage, and here’s our top picks from them.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Reflexology Massage in London

  1. Release your stress – this is a great way of getting over some of the stress related issues you might have. It is one of the ways one can unwind and be completely at ease.
  2. Feel completely relaxed – this therapy is the best way of feeling really relaxed and tension-free.
  3. Blood circulation can get better – your blood circulation can improve with the aid of this form of massage. When you are getting a nice reflexology massage in London, you would be surprised to see how relaxed and stress-free you feel afterwards. It is one of the after-effects of the action, and would make your blood circulation better, which also increases the flow of blood to different parts of your body.
  4. Improved metabolism – The improved blood circulation also improves your body’s metabolism, which means, your body feels more energetic.
  5. Calm down your body and mind. You would love feeling your body quieten down and be more aware of its different parts with this massage, and reducing the tension is something that this massage is known to do.
  6. Improvement in immunity may be noted. Better circulation of blood means better movement of the red blood corpuscles, which result in more immunity for the body, and that leads to you falling sick less.Reflexology Massage in London
  7. Prepare for a detoxification – Detoxification of the body is a great aftereffect of reflexology, and it improves your body more if you drink some water right after the therapy session is over. Another great way to detox is to have a cup of green tea either before, or after the session is over.
  8. Get better sleep – a good reflexology massage in London would make you feel less stressed out and reduce tension, which means, you can sleep better.
  9. Improve your body’s energy quotient – This happens because of the spike in metabolism, and it gives your body a new boost of energy which is extremely exhilarating. The body will feel totally refreshed afterwards and you would want to do something more active and energetic afterwards.
  10. Reduces aches and pains of the body – the most significant aspect of this massage is the fact that it relaxes the nerves, muscles, and bones, and when you get a reflexology massage in London, the aftereffects include a reduction in the joint aches and pain in your body.

Therefore, this form of massage in UK is good for you, and anyone can avail it. You would need a good massage therapist who can give you a great time, and make your body feel better afterwards. The healing massage is a great way of detoxing, and you would be able to find a number of places offering great reflexology massage in London.