History of Massage

History of Massage

Dating back to 2700 BC, massage is an ancient practice which originated in the East as a form of medicinal treatment. This then sparked a revolution whereby numerous massage styles were developed to restore the body’s balance for good health. The word massage is thought to derive from the Greek “Massein” which means “to knead” while the Arabic word “Mash” means to “press softly”.

Many famous practitioners preached the benefits of massage and was welcomed by the West during the Greek Empire, where Hippocrates referred to it as “rubbing” to loosen the muscles, and it became standard practice in public baths. Techniques then evolved into the first form of sports massage by Galen who used it to treat physical injuries and believed it to be an essential element to maintaining good health.

Following from a decline in massage, the 17th century saw an upsurge as it was established in medical schools where the physical advantages were observed and documented. The most famous type of massage, Swedish massage, was then developed in the 19th century by Henrik Ling who incorporated techniques from Swedish gymnastics. Ling’s dedication led to one of his students opening a massage clinic and another student bringing massage therapy to Britain in 1840 which was then introduced to the U.S thirteen years later. In the 20th century, massage was used to treat World War 1 patients suffering from shell shock and nerve injury.

Massage was however, inaccessible to most, with it being associated with the wealthy and the sex trade. It was only until the later 20th century when interest in natural healing arose that it became an established form of therapy used by many.

Now, there are 250 types of massage which are used not only for medicinal treatment but also more widely as beauty and sports therapy

My Epic Flop

Story of the Week – by Sensual Massage London

‘All great stories begin with once upon a time there lived a princess in a castle or there was a young prince who came to rescue a damsel in distress. My story does not begin like that. Hi, my name is Errol and I am 18 years old and I was about to embark on the road of manhood the night of my prom but I messed up real bad.’

There she was… Ariel wore a bright red dress with a slit up the side of her leg. Her blonde hair covered her right shoulder and she wore heels that made her ass look perfectly round as she walked down the stairs. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I felt a boner coming along. Needless to say, I calmed myself down very quickly. Ariel was known for her hand and blow jobs and I knew tonight was the night that I was going to lose my virginity.

“…From her boobs to her belly button and finally I was faced with the Garden of Eden.”

The prom was fun I guess. We danced and she put her head on my shoulder as we slow danced and then it began to happen. ‘Errol, would you like to get out of here? I rented a room at the hotel across the road and all this dancing is making me horny.’ Her breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear gave me goose bumps. Before I knew it, we were at the hotel room.

She ripped my top off me and started to undo my pants with her mouth, (She really was talented with her mouth). I took her dress off and then the dreaded bra… I battled for about a good 5 minutes before I unleashed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. ‘Why don’t you kiss them, Errol? I am sure you will find them pleasing’ my heart was racing as I put on mouth around one of her boobs. I felt my little friend get excited. My mouth slowly moved down her body. From her boobs to her belly button and finally I was faced with the Garden of Eden.

I ripped the condom packet open and I was ready to go when all of a sudden I felt my heart race and my nerves went insane. I started to sweat and I pulled Ariel off me. My poor little friend got stage fright and I was so embarrassed by what had happened. We both just lay there for a while and then she got up and left. I have not seen or heard from her since.

The Simple Plan

Story of the Week – by London Erotic Massage

The plan was to go over to his place when she wasn’t there, pick up my stuff, and leave. I had already changed my phone number, and also changed my address, and his roommate had assured me that he was not home, so I hopped into my car, and drove down to the apartment we had once shared, to pick up my stuff before my final exit from his life.

Good riddance, I thought while driving. He was becoming a bit too much for me to handle.

I opened the door with the spare keys that the roommate had supplied me with. I entered the room, and quickly picked up my iPod and the few other things I had left behind. Suddenly, I heard the door slam behind me.

I whirled around, and saw him, standing in front of the closed door, blocking my exit.
I gulped. He did not look happy.

“You thought you would pick up all your stuff, and just go?

…You didn’t even leave me a note before you left! Did you know how upset I was?

I was running around, looking for you in hospitals and emergency rooms, thinking you were dead….

And then you sent me one text, telling me it’s over….. Do you know, how much that hurt?….”

He spat out the accusations slowly, his eyes burning into me.

I knew I was wrong, but I had to go….

I had fallen for him, and the fact terrified me, so I had walked away as fast as I could, because that was the only way I knew.

He walked towards me. I shifted my weight from one foot to another, looking down at the ground like a recalcitrant child.

He held my chin firmly, and pulled my face up to his…

“I was traumatized. You will pay for it.” He said the last words against my lips, and I was lost again.

I did not know how my clothes seemed to melt, and so did his. The next I knew, we were on his bed, and he was on top of me. He kissed my mouth, running his hands all over my body, as if, trying to memorize me with his fingers. I kissed him back, holding his head steady to kiss him better.

He slowly pulled my legs apart, and kissed his way down there.

He kissed my navel and I squirmed. He went lower, his rough days’ growth tickling my nether regions. I squirmed and cursed him while he kissed me down there, using his lips and tongue to draw out the pleasure, and then put his fingers into good use.

Within a few minutes, I was begging and whimpering, and about to come. I knew I was close, but then he stopped what he was doing totally, and kissed his way up to my mouth, tangling his tongue with mine as if he owned it. Which he probably did.

His erection was pressed against my belly, and I shifted, something inside me burning up. He laughed as he felt me get impatient, and slowly, holding his stiff member in one hand, pushed it inside me.

I wailed in pleasure.

He wasn’t gentle. It did not make sense. We had lost the sense of being gentle and nice. Here we were a pair of pleasure seekers, our bodies clashing together in the throes of the eternal game of life. I came in a rush, drenching him, and he followed, his body pounding, and then suddenly stiffening up, his mouth crushing mine.

We stared at the ceiling afterward. He didn’t look at me. I didn’t look at him. But his hand kept a firm hold on mine.

I knew I was trapped. This time by my own desires.

And my simple plan, of running away, bit the dust.

Next Door Neighbour

Story of the Week – by London Massage

I was curious about my next door neighbour. He seemed to get a lot of women, sometimes solo, sometimes in groups, and they would keep on moaning and screaming after they entered his apartment. I got the deal – he was a hotshot lawyer with a bad reputation with women, but seriously, didn’t these girls have a job?

I swore to myself I would never do anything with him. I considered him used goods.

But then, one day, my keys got stolen, and I had to go find him to get the spare set of keys he had in his house. Seeing I was not too happy, he offered me a glass of water or wine, and I chose the wine because I was having a terrible day. One glass led to two, and before long, I felt sleepy, so I slept off on his sofa.

When I woke up, in the middle of the night, I was really thirsty. He had put a cover over my body, so I was warm, but I wanted to be warmer, because I felt aroused. I tiptoed over to his room, and saw him sleeping on the bed. It was a glorious thing to watch – he was sprawled on the bed – all six feet of him – wearing nothing but a pair of boxers – and completely out like a light.

I knew he liked my body, I have seen him looking at it plenty of times (and he had once proposed to me too, the jerk!), and I knew I could do something with him, and not think about it much tomorrow. That said, I climbed up on the bed, and lay down beside him.

He was still sleeping, so I glided my hand down his stomach, and found his member under the boxers he was wearing. A few strokes over the pants, and he was as hard as a rock, and moaning, even though he was asleep.

I decided to take matters in my mouth, so my mouth followed my hands. In a few seconds, the boxers were pulled down, and his glorious staff was inside my mouth. He moaned loudly, and his hands found my head, pushing my mouth down on his raging member. I moaned harshly, trying to swallow as much of him as I could while not choking.

His fingers tightened around my head, and his hips started to move against my mouth. He was roughly pushing himself inside my mouth, and I was feeling quite aroused by now.

I could feel his body tighten now. His hands fisted my hair, and pushed my head against his crotch while he pumped himself furiously in my mouth. Within a few minutes, he was panting and spraying, and I swallowed all the juices I could get.

Once satisfied, I pulled back, only to see him staring at me.

“How long have you been awake?” I croaked.

“The moment you got in my bed,” He grinned.

I blushed for some reason. He pulled me up beside him, kissed the top of my head, and said,

“Ready for round two?”

with a twinkle in his eyes.

And I was.

Two Teachers – Erotic Stories

Story of the Week – by London Massage

There were two women in the room as he entered. New to the job, he was quite unsure what had to be done, but apparently both women had specifically requested for him. As a sales rep, it was supremely important to please the client, and these two women were extremely powerful in the field, regularly taking in, and rejecting, sales reps.

He gulped and loosened his collar, slightly nervous, and pushed the door open.

Two women were sitting behind the huge desk – one was dark, with large eyes, and creamy skin, and the other was a blonde, flaxen-haired, and with a sensual pair of lips. Both were older than him, and made him hard involuntarily. He thanked God for wearing a pair of tight undies – because that way he would not tent up in the front.

One woman asked him to sit, slowly looked him up and down, and, after the initial greeting and formal exchanges, said, “We like your work, you see. You are a good sales rep and have the knack to it. Unfortunately, we find that you might be a bit too passive.”

“No! I am not”, he vehemently protested. “I am really not passive. I can do anything you tell me to without a single issue.”
“Anything. Just you ask.”
“Okay.” The blonde seemed to be pleased with this answer. “So, will you please my friend here, while I watch?”
The sudden request was enough to make him blink in surprise. “W-what?”, he stammered.
“I said, please my friend here while I watch. And do it slowly.” The woman’s voice was suddenly all authority.
“How do I do that?”, he asked lamely.
“Come and use your tongue.” The other woman, by this time, had spread her legs, and he saw, under her tight skirt, she was wearing nothing. He stood up, unsure whether he should go or stay, but then, his body decided it for him. Even the tight underpants could not hide the large tent in his pants, and he walked up to her, and said, “I will need a table.”

He picked her up, and spread her over the table, settling down between her legs. His fingers and mouth immediately went to work, and the dark girl moaned and clutched his hair while he ate her. She was damn tasty too, and he loved eating women. The other woman was probably watching but he did not care.

Suddenly, he felt fingers unlatching his zip. Somehow, the other woman had crawled down under him and was freeing him from his pants. He thought of protesting, but then a hot mouth encircled the tip of his member, and he was lost. He moved his hips slowly as she struggled to swallow all of him, working in and out of her mouth while she sucked him.

The girl who he was eating came with an explosive moan, and he could feel her orgasm on his tongue. Meanwhile, his own orgasm was approaching, so he pulled the blonde up to her toes, and pushed a hand between her legs. She was dripping wet and not wearing panties, so he pushed her over the table, and entered her from behind. She screamed in ecstasy as he plowed into her, and rammed her over and over again. She screamed again as she came, and he barely pulled out of her before he came. The other woman was waiting for it, for she immediately took him in her mouth, where he released himself as she gulped him down. He moaned and clutched her hair as she sucked and took it all.

After a while, after they had all caught their breaths, one of the women said, “Congratulations”.
“What? Why?”
“We think you have it in you to become a sales rep. As a result, you shall be accompanying us to a marketing trip next weekend.”
He smiled. “Okay.”

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